Really? REALLY??

I'm embarrassed to share this!  But maybe it will help motivate me to take care of it!  Give me a few days...It will be clean and organized by Saturday.  Am I the only one who has a room that looks this bad at the end of the year?

Harold's Purple Crayon

Here is an easy lesson to start up the year using Crockett Johnson's, Harold and the Purple Crayon books. I use it for first grade as an introduction to line. I have the books and I have used them before as an introduction, but I discovered the video put out by Scholastic. It brings the book to life and is mesmerizing for first graders. Its only about 20 minutes for one story and you can do this whole project, including the video, in a fifty minute lesson. After the video, we talk about the exciting things that Harold sees during his adventure. The students drew them in white crayon and I glittered their lines. They LOVE seeing their name in glitter for the first time!

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Ceramic Fishies - Thanks Patty!

I loved this project from Deep Space Sparkle. My second graders blew me away with their creations. School is is almost out for summer, but next year I will definitely make time to glaze them!


Wow! A whole new world!

Thanks for dropping in on my very first post. I've just stepped into this world of blogging. I can't even begin to tell you how many fantastic ideas I've picked up from other art blogs I have found. The world of blogging has made my job so much easier and so much more fun! I love seeing your ideas and I hope that some of mine can be of use to you as well.

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