Fall Printmaking

Printmaking has never been my strongest area.  In fact, I kind of hated it!  But I thought I had better get over it and find a way to make it tolerable.   Well, this project turned out to be a joy with my 3rd graders!   We practiced drawing pumpkins, then transferred them to the styrofoam.   I created a printing space directly on the table using yellow and red printer's ink.   Cleaning the table with a washcloth was easier than washing those trays out!  They were fascinated with the process and the effects they could create!

The next art class, we took time to create background using Crayola Oil Pastels and Crayola Slick Sticks.  We spent some time talking about creating "ART" and that art does not have to be totally realistic.   We also talked about making choices and that everything we put on our paper should be "On Purpose", not just randomly drawing without thinking.   

I offered pumpkin leaf stamps, but many opted not to use them.   I was so proud of their results!  Just wish I could get a good picture with my camera!!

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