Falling Santa

I'm not too much into handprint art, but... 

I saw this cute idea for a falling Santa on Pinterest,  then showed my 4th graders the basic idea and let them run with it!  Fun!!

Origami Poinsettias

I've been doing this since I first started teaching.  Students just love creating Poinsettias with origami.  I originally started with the instructions for an Amaryllis I believe, many years ago.

I've added photos to help with instructions.  This is  an easy project with 5th graders and a nice challenge with 3rd graders.


The Grinch

Who doesn't love to hate the Grinch?  This is a directed drawing I have been doing for years with my younger students.  The paintings here are from 2nd Graders.  I use Sharpies  and the Crayola So Big watercolors on this project because the colors are so vivid.  Every single child is successful with this project.  They all have their own "Grinchy" Personalities!



This is a great lesson to introduce Kinders to basic shapes.  After we read Rudolph, we draw step by step using the basic shapes they see in a reindeer.  My reindeer inspiration comes from the Usborne book, I Can Draw Animals.  This is a great opportunity to introduce the horizon line.  It may not stick, but its a good start!

"Smashing" Pumpkins!

I saw something similar over at Artsonia...not sure to whom I might give credit.  Boy, was this fun!  We painted papers one day, using scrapers, rollers and sponges. Then the next week we made these fantastic jack-o-lanterns.  These are all first graders'.

Fall Printmaking

Printmaking has never been my strongest area.  In fact, I kind of hated it!  But I thought I had better get over it and find a way to make it tolerable.   Well, this project turned out to be a joy with my 3rd graders!   We practiced drawing pumpkins, then transferred them to the styrofoam.   I created a printing space directly on the table using yellow and red printer's ink.   Cleaning the table with a washcloth was easier than washing those trays out!  They were fascinated with the process and the effects they could create!

The next art class, we took time to create background using Crayola Oil Pastels and Crayola Slick Sticks.  We spent some time talking about creating "ART" and that art does not have to be totally realistic.   We also talked about making choices and that everything we put on our paper should be "On Purpose", not just randomly drawing without thinking.   

I offered pumpkin leaf stamps, but many opted not to use them.   I was so proud of their results!  Just wish I could get a good picture with my camera!!


Jasper Johns

5th graders really loved this Pop Art lesson on Jasper Johns!  The idea came from the book, Make it POP by Joyce Raimondo, we found some 12x18 maps (thanks first grade!) and traced the states.  Students were encouraged to use their own ideas to make their map unique.  In my research,  I  learned that Johns was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor by President Obama.  He is the first studio artist in 34 years to receive the nation's highest civilian honor.

Gotta love the oil spill!

I think our social studies teacher was happy with
them too!


Beautiful Oops!

My librarian laid this book in front of me during in-service.  I knew right away this was my first week's lesson!  Barney Saltzberg gives us a great little picture book that encourages us to make something wonderful out of a mistake.  I can't think of anything more perfect for the first week in art class.  I just can't bear to talk about rules and seating arrangements for a whole week!  I know the kiddos appreciate not being tortured as well.

So I made hundreds of drips, holes, smudges and tears on small pieces of paper and gave each student a mistake of their own to renovate.  They loved the challenge and everyone left feeling good about art.  I found it was important to take a few minutes to share their work.  One may not understand every picture without some explanation.

5th Graders had drips... 

4th Graders had holes in their papers...

 3rd graders were given smudges and oil pastels...

The smudge was the orange boat.
The smudge here was the dark part at the beak and chest..WOW for a 3rd grader!
Elvis with red hair...The smudge was the red hair.

 1st and 2nd Graders had torn shapes...

Her paper was pink so she changed it.
The dog is swiping at the cat..LOVE the proportion!

First Grade
First Grade

First Grade

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