The Grinch

Who doesn't love to hate the Grinch?  This is a directed drawing I have been doing for years with my younger students.  The paintings here are from 2nd Graders.  I use Sharpies  and the Crayola So Big watercolors on this project because the colors are so vivid.  Every single child is successful with this project.  They all have their own "Grinchy" Personalities!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Did you draw the Grinch for them and they did the watercolor? I am homeschooling grade 1 & 3 and this looks like a lot of fun!

Amy said...

Hi and thank you! This is a directed drawing activity. Meaning, I draw step by step (on a projector) and they follow me. This way I can teach a group of 30 and each drawing has it's own unique personality. Each child did their own drawing. I only do this for lesson occasionally. I believe that students need some support in learning to draw.

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